I Love My Chef

Charity Program: Threads of Love and Support

Who does this Charity benefit?

Restaurants and their staff: Chefs, Cooks, Dishwashers, Bartenders, Waitresses, Busboys, Food Runners, Hostesses…

  • Restaurants are closing every day and our favorite dishes are fading away.
  • All the restaurant workers need help more than ever to stay in business and keep cooking delicious meals we love so much.

How does Garnier-Thiebaut contribute?  

  • We thread the love, customers spread the Support!
  • Garnier Thiebaut, USA decided to weave a special napkin for Restaurants; to sell them to their guests and use the profit to support their businesses and employees.

Where can you find these napkins?

In your Favorite Restaurants 


  • The napkins are on sale in the participating restaurants.
  • Look out for the “I ♥ My Chef” Box.
  • In the box you will find:
  • 50 napkins individually wrapped
  • 1 flyer to explain the charity program
  • 12 table tents to set on the tables for Guest review.


For Community Spirit! 

  • Let’s keep our neighborhood’s favorite Restaurants open!
  • Let’s keep building more and more memories in our favorite food spots!
  • Let’s keep breakfast, lunch and dinner alive to keep our smiles thrive!